Fabrice Goret

Fabrice Goret

Analyst developer

Evolve or die

I have over 10 years of experience in .NET and Oracle technologies, specialized in the finance field at Luxembourg. My experience goes from front to back-end development, including API, micro services, database, reporting, data mining and Windows applications. Besides development, I've analysed needs, proposed and implemented successfully sustainable solutions, following design patterns ans best practices. My main interests in the development area are analysis, Web oriented architectures and databases.



September 2020


Analysis, architecture and development of .Net Core microservices
    C# .NET core .NET microservices
    January 2017

    Analyst, Application Development

    Analysis, architecture and development of .Net Core microservices, based on an Entity Framework/Oracle data access layer or a Hbase database, communicating together by Kafka events.
    • Init the first .Net Core microservice and common libraries at Kneip
    C# .NET core .NET microservices Hbase Oracle
    September 2012

    Software developer

    Developing applications for the Funds industry
    • Developing client and web applications for the Funds industry (Financial reporting, KIIDs, PRIIPs).
    • Implementing new reports (MMIF, MMM, MNR, MC1, U1.1,...) based on the official specifications.
    • Designing and developing a web service used to generate reports. It uses injection and abstraction to allow multi data sources, templates, and to be used by any software on any database type (data may come from a db).
    • Implementing unit tests.
    C# .NET Oracle ASP MVC NUnit ASP .Net Delphi
    October 2007

    Automation engineer

    Developing applications for the steel industry
    • Conception and programming of the steel plant supervision, with data reading/writing on the plc (by opc server) and on the instruments. It allows to save the data process with few intervention of the workers, to get and to answer to the production orders from the commercials and adapt them to the production, to apply and show quality recipes, to get the feedback from the operators.
    • Conception and programming of decision tools for the quality and the production.
    • Conception and programming of hundreds of statistical reports, developed like views on the database. At least 140 of them can be printed by Crystal report. Some of them are directly commented by the users in the supervision interface.
    • Conception and programming of an extract and load tool to update a historic database from a production database by dynamic pl/sql.
    • Conception and programming of a DAL and CRUD operations framework and the associated code generator.
    • Formations of the operators and help desk.
    C# .NET Oracle SAP Crystal Reports
    January 2006

    Automation engineer

    Automation and programming of the user interface.
    • Mechanic and graphic conception of a machine tool.
    • Automation and programming of the user interface of a double saw machine, with numeric commands axes, having 5 axes of freedom and drived by a frequency converter.
    C# .NET Siemens S7 Autodesk Inventor



    Co-React is a user-friendly full web-based solution aimed at managing living documents mass generation while ensuring data integrity and efficiency.
    The solution contains its own ETL, storage dynamic model, events model, scheduler, workflows, translations, document templater, document computing and document generation service


    Co-Stream is a web-based solution used to manage users workflows and tasks.
    From internal controllers or accountants to external stakeholders such as auditors or promoters to the investors themselves, all players can benefit from Co-Stream. They either use it directly or get information from it (for example, a promoter web-site for investors can be fed thanks to Co-Stream data distribution features). An auditor willing to review drafts, a translator for document editing and posting, a controller to organize the reporting team planning, all of these will find in Co-Stream, the solution to their specific requirements.


    Co-Reporter is a database publishing solution for the fund investment industry aimed at generating fully customizable reports to meet all specific needs (in form and contents).
    This applies to any kind of funds (retail or institutional, mutual or hedge funds, Spezial funds, etc.) in any legal context, from IFRS to any local GAAP. It generates automatically, in any language and in the most efficient way all kinds of reports. With complete flexibility, Co-Reporter enables you to produce reports (on demand or batch) to authorities, to investors and to their clients but also to answer new business opportunities or needs.

    Co-Reporter Task Server

    Co-Reporter Task Server is a Windows service that run a lots of tasks (import, export, generation, calculation...) in background for Co-Reporter/Co-Stream.


    Bank outputs simple extract loader
    This software will provide you an easy and basic way to merge your banks outputs from your different accounts.


    Business website
    Responsive and multi-languages website made in Nuxt, whose the portfolio structure is based on the FRESH Resume Schema, including a blog powered by markdown files.

    Siam Healthcare

    Business website
    Responsive and multi-languages website made in Nuxt. Flyers, stamp and visit card made with Photoshop.

    Baan Yä

    Business website
    Responsive and multi-languages website made in Angular 1.5, including a booking online. Flyer and visit card made with Photoshop.


    December 2011 - December 2011

    USQLA - Administering Databases and Servers using SQL Server 2008

    USQLA - Administering Databases and Servers using SQL Server 2008 Informatic Zellik, Belgium
    September 2004 - December 2005

    Languages improvement

    Languages improvement Languages Bristol, England and Belgium
    September 2003 - June 2004

    Algorithmic and programming

    Algorithmic and programming Informatic Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
    September 1999 - June 2003

    Industrial Engineer, Electromecanic section, automatic specialisation

    Industrial Engineer, Electromecanic section, automatic specialisation Engineering Mons, Belgium


    French native
    English advanced
    Thaï beginner


    C# .NET core .NET Entity Framework microservices Oracle Hbase Kafka Nunit Moq
    HTML CSS Javascript Vue Vuex Nuxt ASP MVC AngularJS


    Travels Always curious to discover new countries and people
    Music Open to most of the musical styles
    Reading Knowledge is power
    Open Source Learn, practice, share, teach


    I have the privilege of working with Fabrice Goret at KNEIP. He is an important contributor to many of our projects and is working on analysis and design of complex applications. He is proactive, result oriented, responsible and technically sound employee. Fabrice makes things happen! He is passionate about coding and solving clients’ problems through the development of creative and innovative working software, meeting the highest standards. Fabrice is highly creative, a very easy-going person to work with and assists his co-workers at every opportunity. He is a great asset to any company.

    Christophe Michel, Product Owner

    Fabrice has a very good technical background in Microsoft languages and technologies. Always ready to take on new challenges, learn new things and pass on knowledge, making her a great team member and a great colleague.

    Mathieu Mansart, Consultant at SOGETI Luxembourg

    Fabrice is a curious developer who likes to discover different computer languages by reading the various documentation and testing it, which makes him a very good developer. During my mission, he sets up several 'from scratch' projects due to these different technical skills. He is a talented and trusted developer, always available to help these colleagues and share his knowledge.

    Pierre Colart, Fullstack java angular developper

    Fabrice is one of the best developer with whom I worked at Kneip. He has an excellent knowledge of .Net, Oracle & web technologies. Someone kind & always available to help other team members. Excellent team spirit!

    Mustafa Gumbar, Senior Software Engineer

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